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Oahu: Swap Meet and Dinner with Ohana

Now, at first glance, the thought of spending a morning at the Swap Meet seems a little strange, but until you have been to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet, you may have to adjust your mindset.

As we woke up to a leisurely morning, we had breakfast and made our way our out to Aloha Stadium.  It was a a breezy, overcast day, which made for slightly cooler temperatures and a little less sun, which helped to soothe a few of the sunburns that we were nursing.

As we arrived at the stadium, we began to see tent after tent of shops in the parking lot, and then began to realize that it circles the entire parking lot with multiple rows!  It was a little crazy, but we found a place to start and just started walking in a slow massive circle.  We encountered merchants of all types with everything from T-Shirts at 8 for $20, to handicrafts, arts, auto parts, clothing, mobile phone holders and chargers, small grocery stores, music, and it just went on and on and on…

After we completed one full circle of the swap meet, we decided that we had gotten the needed exercise and Natalie satisfied a bit of a retail therapy, so we headed back to Kapolei and got to see Sophie in action at work — they were a little short on staff, so she went in for a Sunday shift at Costco.  So we visited her, got to see her in action, and picked up some souvenirs (Costco has great deals on Macadamia nuts and more) and then she shared her lunch break with us as we picked up some Costco frozen yogurt.

From here, we headed back to the beach house, and got a little rest, and then headed back to South East shore and spent the evening at Cousin Mike’s house to enjoy dinner with him and some of his co-workers from the mainland.  Darin got to see the Hogan house for the first time, and we all enjoyed a wonderful evening of Teriyaki Beef, Salmon, and lots of other great food.

We headed back to the beach house, and crashed.  So many great things to see and do!

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