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Something More

This song has inspired me twice now.  Once when I left my job of five years to go back to school full time to get my MBA and now as we embark on our next journey.  I’m hoping that you can listen to the words and let it inspire you.

I’m not recommending that anyone walk into work today and quit your job.  However, I do recommend that you start to ask if there is “something more” to be discovered in your world.  What is one thing you can realistically change/do that would make your life more fulfilling?  Just think about it!

Lyrics: “Something More” by Sugarland
Monday, hard to wake up
Fill my coffee cup, I’m out the door
Yeah, the freeway’s standing still today
It’s gonna make me late, and thats for sure
I’m running out of gas and out of time
Never gonna make it there by nine

[Chorus:] There’s gotta be something more
Gotta be more than this
I need a little less hard time
I need a little more bliss
I’m gonna take my chances
Taking a chance I might
Find what I’m looking for
There’s gotta be something more

Five years and there’s no doubt
That I’m burnt out, I’ve had enough
So now boss man, here’s my two weeks
I’ll make it short and sweet, so listen up
I could work my life away, but why?
I got things to do before I die

[Repeat Chorus]

Some believe in destiny, and some believe in fate
I believe that happiness is something we create
You best believe that I’m not gonna wait
‘Cause there’s gotta be something more

I get home 7:30 the house is dirty, but it can wait
Yeah, ’cause right now I need some downtime
To drink some red wine and celebrate
Armageddon could be knocking at my door
But I ain’t gonna answer that’s for sure.
There’s gotta be something!

[Repeat Chorus]

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