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Adoption: Myths about Birthparents

When you think of the birthparents who make an adoption plan for their child who do imagine?  Does your mind suddenly wonder to episodes of “Glee” and the stereotypical captain of the football team and the head cheerleader?  Or does the pendulum swing in a completely different direction to visions of a down on their luck substance abuser, possibly with a criminal history?  We’ll be honest, our minds considered all of these possibilities (and everything in between), and we learned quite quickly that we were clearly out of touch from reality!

Though statistics can vary, last year, our agency, Bethany Christian Services’ birthparents:

  >> On average were 26 years of age
  >> About half were already parenting one or more children
  >> Only 2 had a criminal history

A majority of the birthmothers are working professionals who are currently parenting.  They are often single parents who understand how difficult it is to raise a child alone.  They have goals for themselves and hopes for their children and are mature enough to know that making an adoption plan for their expectant child will help both of them achieve their goals.   Sometimes, a lack of a support system, a difficult financial situation, or personal difficulties may also play a role in their decision to make an adoption plan rather than parent.

As we continue to take the steps to become prospective adoptive parents, we continue to be educated about the process.  The information above was just one of many eye-opening tidbits we have gained along the way.  As we continue working through our application, paperwork, education, and assessment, I hope this post brings you a new perspective of the birthparents who choose to make an adoption plan.

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