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The Search For The Next Great Doctor…

Champagne Pool - Waiotapu, New Zealand

Champagne Pool – Waiotapu, New Zealand


In little more than 4 months, a transition will take place from one doctor to the next as Natalie’s obstetrician will exit stage right as we welcome a new medical expert to help us care for the medical needs of our newborn.

The selection of a pediatrician has been a process thus far and we are hoping to narrow down the field in the next few days as we attend an open house for one of the pediatric groups nearby.

Seems that most practices now are made up of a number of doctors that all work together to cover all aspects of the child’s medical needs — from the hospital to well care visits to 24 hour helplines and evening/weekend/on-call response.  Hopefully, we can get our questions answered and if we have a match, we can soon introduce the newest member of the super medical team supporting the Peanut…

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