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John Muir Labor and Delivery Tour

The Tingle Tree Forest - Valley of the Giants, Australia

The Tingle Tree Forest – Valley of the Giants, Australia


Tuesday night, after work, we headed up to John Muir Hospital for a tour of the Birthing Center and the Labor & Delivery wards. We arrived a few minutes early to a small group (only 6 of us) and we were led on our tour by Gene, a docent who had been giving this introduction for expectant parents for 8 years!

As we arrived onto the Birthing Center floor, we were introduced to the security protocols (wristbands for parents, Lo-Jack for the baby – no joke…) as well as to the teeny-tiny waiting room on the 3rd floor for family and friends. Given all the possibilities of family members that may be in town for a potential Thanksgiving delivery, I think that the main lobby or Danville may need to be considered for overflow.

We got to go into both a Birthing suite (shown above, and the picture is pretty spot on) as well as a post-partum room to see how we would be spending the expected 1-4 nights at the hospital. Two of the nurses (one in each wing) introduced themselves and walked us through some of aspects of the upcoming stays and answered questions.

Though there is no doubt in our mind that we will be delivering at John Muir, it was nice to be able to see and tour the Birthing Center in advance as it will makes things that much easier when the time comes…

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