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Welcome! The Journey Starts Here…

6 weeks from now, we are going to begin the next great adventure in our lives.

We’ve both been fortunate to see many great places through the experience of travel. But, this one is going to be different…

For starters, this trip is 100 days long. I know, I know, people spend years traveling, and we have those aspirations too, but this is a good first step.

We’re taking a break from our careers, but we have a plan for our return to the working world as we see where the winds take us.

The tickets are purchased, the itinerary is slowly but surely starting to come together, and we’re hopeful to use this website to share the good, the great, and all of the realities and challenges along the way.

The best way to get started with The Next Journey:

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We’ll do our best to post a few times a week, and you can always check out the Map and Photos as they are updated.

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