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Keeping a Home Safe While Away

Did you know that if you inform your local police department that you are going to be on vacation they will increase patrols in your area to check in on your house while you are away?

Any time we leave our home for more than a week or two, we inform the police department in our city. They have a form online that we can complete that asks you for your address, when are leaving, and when you will return. They also ask other important facts:

* Are keys available to enter the home? If yes, with whom?
* Do you have an alarm? If yes, what type?
* Do you have animals? If yes, their location?
* Do you have someone caring for your yard? If yes, their name and address?
* Will you be leaving cars in your driveway? If yes, their make and model?
* Will you have lights left on a timer? If yes, where?

Finally, we provide the name, address, and phone numbers of our emergency contact person. This is a person who has a key, knows the alarm code, and can contact us while we are gone.

Of course, the police department makes it clear that this service does not guarantee your house will be safe while you are gone (need that liability disclaimer). But it always helps having an extra set of trained eyes looking in while you are away.

Next time you leave town, consider contacting your local police department to request vacation house checks.

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