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The Power Of A Click… & A Request

What a difference the internet has made…

For thousands of years, mankind has been hunting and gathering for food, developing unique solutions for locating, preparing, serving, and storing it.  Today, one mouse click at Safeway.com will have your entire grocery list selected by a cheerful team member, placed into color-coded bins, loaded onto a climate-controlled truck and delivered to your kitchen counter.

The power of a click…

In 1860, news of Abraham Lincoln’s inaugural address took almost 8 days to reach California, via the Pony Express.  Today, hundreds of news updates are shared instantaneously worldwide and Twitter receives upwards of 7,000 messages per second.

The power of a click…

Just 30 years ago, if we wanted to tell someone that we “liked” something, it was done via letter or telephone call.  Today, more than 3 Billion “Likes” are registered every single day on Facebook.

The power of a click…

Technology has changed a lot of things and we are hoping to harness that power to help share our story.

“Viral” Growth Happens So Fast
About a week ago, we shared the news of the completion of our Foster Parent Certification and the official start of our adoption “Wait” period.  In less than 2 hours, 50 people “Liked” that post on Facebook, 10 provided comments, and the story was shared with more than 500 people via friends of friends of friends in a matter of minutes!

Our goal is to get our journey, our message, and our desire to become adoptive parents shared with as many people as possible.

A Request
Our request is simple…  We are simply asking for you to take one moment and click…

  • Click “Like” on our “The Next Journey” Facebook posts, if you enjoy what you read…
  • Click “Tweet” and pass along our links to your contacts via Twitter…
  • Click “Share” on a picture, a story, or a link, and tell others on your Facebook walls about us, who we are, and how they might be able to help us on our journey…
  • Click “Send” on an email to friends, family, colleagues, and your contacts sharing information about our interest in becoming adoptive parents and how they can help…

If you need some help with the wording, here is one possible option:
(Feel free to cut and paste, or contact us with any questions!)


Our friends Darin & Natalie have recently been approved to pursue Domestic Infant Adoption after selecting a local adoption agency, filling out the necessary paperwork, attending adoption-related classes, and completing an extensive home study and assessment process.  The next step on their journey is to be matched with someone who is looking to make an adoption plan for their child.

Read about their story here:  https://thenextjourney.com/starthere
Join them online at:  http://www.facebook.com/thenextjourney
Or just pass along this information to your contacts to help get them spread the word.

Thank you in advance for any support you can provide!

Each and every day, we “Like” pictures of cute kittens and videos of crazy wedding proposals.  We “Share” recipes for peach cobbler and Pinterest pins for everything under the sun.  We “Send” email forwards to everyone on our contact lists to tell wildly varying accounts of “how to avoid a speed trap” or “laws that were made in 1840 that prohibit tying your horse to a tree” or “how the last/current/next government is going to save/ruin your life”.

We’re simply asking for a click to help us become a family again.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for reading, for continuing to be a part of our journey, and if you are willing, to help us share our story with as many people as possible.

The power of a single click may change our lives forever.
Will it be yours?

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