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Halfway There!

Amazing Peformers at Te Po - Rotorua, New Zealand

Amazing Peformers at Te Po – Rotorua, New Zealand


Well, it’s been a little while since the last posting…  We’re finding that there is a lot to do between now and when Peanut joins the family and we’re making good progress, but wanted to take a quick timeout to celebrate the HALFWAY MARK!

Natalie has done a tremendous job with the first 20 weeks of her pregnancy  and deserves a medal.  Actually, I think she would prefer a nice foot massage, so maybe we can arrange that for her…

We’ve got a lot coming up on the blog, so look for updates as we begin our Childbirth classes this weekend (Infant CPR), attend our next perinatal ultrasound appointment, start working on our registry, and trying to figure out what the nursery is going to look like.

As always, suggestions are welcome and check back soon!

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