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I was never a Boy Scout, but…

A Call To Begin the Feast at Te Po - Rotorua, New Zealand

A Call To Begin the Feast at Te Po – Rotorua, New Zealand


Somehow the “Be Prepared” mentality is starting to take over and as part of our Birth preparation classes through our hospital, yesterday Natalie and I spent the morning learning Infant and Child CPR.

Along with the core basics of infant and child life saving, our instructor (who was really good) also gave us the basics of choking, seizures, SIDS, and other childhood concerns in order to better prepare the expecting parents in the room for anything that may occur in the early years.

We got to practice on the mannequins (which brought about way too many Old Navy jokes for me) and found out that the new guideline of 30 compressions to 2 breaths perfectly aligns to the Bee Gee’s version of Staying Alive…  So, if we are ever in your presence during a true medical emergency, don’t worry if we are singing the song…  We are not having a traumatic flashback to Disco…

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