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Dirty Diapers, Spitup, & Letdowns, Oh My!

Walking In The Valley of the Ancients - Valley of the Giants, Australia

Walking In The Valley of the Ancients – Valley of the Giants, Australia


The last and final of our childbirth classes was this last weekend, where we had two sessions (one morning and one afternoon) covering Breastfeeding and Baby Basics.

We were fortunate to have the same instructor as last class, so upon arrival knew that we would be getting a lot of great knowledge from someone who truly knew their subject matter and loved their job.

The morning discussed the ins and outs of breastfeeding and how it truly is a two person responsibility…  Though dad can’t take on the core requirements of the job, it is really important to ensure that both mom and baby are in the best possible position to participate with proper comfort, in as clean, quiet, and stress-free an environment as possible.  (Read:  Comfortable chair, couch, or bed, clean of anything to get in the way, relaxing music, tv, or other distractions, and help with storage and thawing of milk, if needed…)

The instructor made everything as straight forward as possible, answered everyone’s questions expertly, and put all of us at ease.

The afternoon session was on diapering, bathing, swaddling, safety, and the basics of the first few weeks at home.  Learned a few neat tricks that will come in handy, and now…  it is time for us to go out into the world and confidently and completely freak out when a real live newborn is placed into our arms…

Ok…  it won’t be like that, but things are really starting to ramp up with the completion of classes and are down to the final 10 week countdown starting today!

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