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Glucose Tests & Results

Flower In The Forest - Valley of the Giants, Australia

Flower In The Forest – Valley of the Giants, Australia


As Natalie transitions into the 3rd Trimester, it is time for the Glucose Tolerance Test (or the test for Gestational Diabetes).  This test is completed in a couple of phases, the first being a 1 hour blood draw after consuming the orange liquid shown in the picture above…  Natalie describes it as the most sugary substance known to man and following the consumption, a blood test is needed to see how the body is dealing with that sugar and whether or not it might impact the unborn child.

The first results came back elevated, which required the second and more structured of the tests (designed to provide a definitive answer) in which Natalie needed to fast for 12 hours before the test, down yet another fun bottle of orange goo, and then proceed to have 4 blood draws over the course of 3 hours.

Fortunately, this test resulted in a pass and no additional steps are needed.  Though it is still important to maintain proper nutrition and ensure that exercise is still a part of the plan, so far we are still on track…

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