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5 Things I Can’t Wait to Experience on the Journey

As we get closer to departure, I’ve had some time to reflect on some of the things I am looking forward to as we travel to New Zealand, Australia, and beyond.  Would love to get your suggestions and input too!

Left Handed Driving
I’m sure that most Kiwis and Australians right now are probably sounding alarms for the previous admission, but I must admit that I am looking forward to the chance to embrace the highways of New Zealand and Australia.  Long drives in amazing places have provided some of the most memorable experiences of trips past.  Meeting kind and supportive locals, watching amazing landscapes unfold as we twist and turn our way from place to place, and discovering the sometimes hidden and most impressive things makes its all worthwhile.

“New To You” Food
I don’t like calling food in new countries “exotic”, “strange”, or “different”, as I am quite certain that most people coming to the United States have a mental breakdown when they see Taco Bell, Hot Dogs, and White Castle as representative “American cuisine”.  Some of the things I am looking forward to try:  Pavlova, Chocolate Fish, L&P, Dampers, Meat Pies, and Hokey Pokey ice cream. (Guarantee that there will be a huge food post as we make out way through to let you know how everything turns out, too!)

The People
The nearly unanimous feedback I have received from past travelers is simply that Kiwis and Aussies are some of the warmest, most engaging, and personable people on the planet.  I look forward to meeting, interacting, and learning from everyone we encounter along the way.

I almost guarantee that I will need a “Kiwi to English” or “Oz to English” translator before this is all over with.  Just in looking at websites and investigating ideas for the trip, I already have a list of dozens of new and unique terms that will constantly keep us on our toes as we travel.  Can someone please tell me what a “jug” is in a Kiwi kitchen?

The Unknown
This one is going to take a little getting used to, but extremely excited nonetheless.  Previous trips have been planned to the letter, designed to avoid bumps in the road, delays, interruptions, and to make the most of every minute while we travel.  This trip will certainly still have many of those details in place, but it is the interruptions, the changes, the delays, and the bumps that will introduce so many new and unique experiences.  Things to learn about, learn from, and to take in as part of the journey, I think, will have the most impact.

What are the things you “can’t wait” for when you travel?  Let us know!

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