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Adoption: Our Next Journey is One of the Heart…

The Next Journey Has Begun
We’re Adopting!  We have started the process to become adoptive parents and hope that, when the time is right, we will be able to grow our family through domestic infant adoption.  Yes, I am the first to admit that this is a clear departure from traveling the world and seeking out adventure through culture and geography.  (Don’t worry!  We have no intentions to slow down our travels and will continue to post our upcoming travelogs here, traveling as 2 and hopefully, in the future, as a family of 3 or more!) As we’ve mentioned before, journeys come in all shapes, sizes, and areas of life.  Our newest journey promises even greater opportunities to experience new experiences, to learn about and share information on adoption, and discover how one amazing connection between people who have never met can change us completely.


The time is right, our hearts are open, and we are ready
to begin the next great adventure in our lives.

Sharing Our Story

We will be sharing our adoption story here online at https://thenextjourney.com and via our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/thenextjourney.  Over the course of many months (and possibly years — this process can take time!) we look forward to sharing a glimpse into our experiences as we progress through the process of becoming prospective adoptive parents, working through “The Wait”, and with luck, determination, and a little “magic”, welcome the new addition to our family.

A Request

It’s one that shouldn’t require too much time, but one that could change our world forever.
Our request is that as you read and follow our story, we would kindly ask that you share it.  Share it with family, friends, colleagues, and people you know.  Hopefully, they will, in turn, share it with even more people and help us to get our story to as many people as possible along the way.

We have been amazed at how many doors have already opened for us, just in the brief period of time that we have been in this process, to meet people who have adopted, people who were adopted themselves, and people who chose to make an adoption plan for a child.

Be A Part Of The Journey

1)  Follow our progress:  “Like” The Next Journey on Facebook:

 2) If you (or someone you know) would like email updates on our progress, send us a request!
(We promise that your email address is confidential and will only be used for this!)

3) Even if neither of the above sounds appealing, if you would just keep us in your thoughts for some positive mojo along the way, that would mean a lot to us and it is hugely appreciated!

Thanks For Reading

We know that this topic may not be #1 on your list, but we appreciate you taking the time to learn how important it is to us.  We look forward to sharing lots of laughs, some serious moments, and everything on the roller coaster of life in between as we adopt!

Talk to you all again soon and thanks for visiting!


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