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Some Assembly Required, Part 1

A Moment of Quiet in the Forest - Valley of the Giants, Australia

A Moment of Quiet in the Forest – Valley of the Giants, Australia


For anyone that knows me, I am a math/technology person…  Hand me a computer, a complex set of equations, even nasty tax forms, and I can pounce on it with the grace and power of a lion going after its nightly meal…

Hand me a screwdriver and all bets are off.  One of the most memorable moments of our dating relationship was an evening when Natalie and I worked together to assemble a new computer desk in my room at the Walnut Creek house.  Suffice to say, there was loud yelling and a few expletives (all mine) and a down to earth, comforting laughter from Natalie that just seemed to make all of my frustrations with assembling furniture just melt away.

Fast forward to the arrival of our nursery furniture.  We picked up a couple of pieces that we hope will stand the test of time (or at least last until Peanut heads off to college)…  I know, we’re kidding ourselves, but the furniture is even nicer than we imagined…  We got a convertible crib/toddler bed/day bed/full sized bed and a combo unit with drawers and a hutch.  The crib was surprisingly easy to put together and was done in a little more than half an hour…  Though I swore I heard the angels singing on high, unbeknownst to me, the gray clouds were swirling outside as we moved on to the combo unit.

This piece of furniture seemed to rely heavily on cam locks that had no desire whatsoever to connect to the the cam anchors that were provided by the manufacturer.  I tried… Natalie tried…  and my wrath against assembling furniture bubbled back to the surface in quick form…  Thankfully, Tom and Shelly and the kids stopped by and Tom had a couple of great suggestions that brought us to completion on the unit.  The cam locks were still a mess and we had to go out and get a new set of them, due to some shoddy hardware, but the nursery furniture is starting to come together.  Thanks Tom!

It’s still a mess in there, so no pictures immediately, but they will be here before we know it…

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